Richard "Ari" Brown

Composer/Musician Ari Brown

Ari Brown is a composer, arranger and educator whose
principle instrument is the saxophone. He performs at Urban Gateways and Field Museum
of Natural History in Chicago. He has performed with many music greats including:Anthony
Muhal Richard Abrams, Lou Rawls, B.B. King, Chuck
Elvin Jones, Andrew White, Della Reese, Billy
Mr. Brown has also performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in
the Chicago premier of the Anthony Davis opera, "Malcom X". He has
also performed a clarinet solo on the score in Universal Studio's motion picture,
The Babe . He has toured all over the world including Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan,
and Singapore. He received his BA of Music Education from Vandercook College of Music,
and has made numerous recordings.